Fast SAXS Profile Computation with Debye Formula

  • BILBOMD - BILBOMD allows you to determine the three-dimensional domain structure of proteins based on conformational sampling using a molecular dynamics (MD) approach. Conformational sampling is followed by structure validation using FoXS and MultiFoXS.
  • AllosMod-FoXS - Comparative structure modeling followed by SAXS profile calculations for the generated models.
  • Bioisis - open access SAXS database.
  • EMBL SAXS software
  • IMP - Integrative Modeling Platform for comprehensive structural characterization of biomolecules. FoXS code is found in bin, the source code is in foxs and saxs modules.
  • UCSF Chimera - FoXS is available through Chimera interactive visualization program. See this tutorial on how to use FoXS from Chimera.