Cluster Family - GPCR

The human domain cluster with the largest number of sequence members comprises mostly GPCR sequences.
To investigate this quantitatively, the following protocol was followed:

  1. Download database IDs of all human GPCR sequences from
  2. Blast all human TM sequences against the human GPCR sequences
  3. Select all human TM sequences that have a blast sequence identity of at least 90% (90% length coverage).
  4. Classify all these sequences as GPCRs

Using this protocol, we classified 849 human TM domain sequences as GPCR sequences. 739 of these are members of the representative set that was used for clustering.
611 of these sequences are members of the largest cluster (blastclust - 25% sequence identity - 70% coverage - 616 cluster members).
The table shows the 6 largest clusters with GPCR members. Additionally, there are 28 clusters with three or less members comprised of GPCR sequences.
The cluster size values link to the detailed cluster pages.

  Number of Cluster members Number of known GPCRs in cluster Annotation of one representative
a) 616 611 e.g. Neuropeptide Y receptor Y5
b) 39 38 e.g. Corticotropin-releasing factor receptor 1;
c) 26 26 e.g. Taste receptor T2R3
d) 19 14 e.g. G protein-coupled receptor, family C, group 5, member C
e) 12 12 e.g. Histamine H1 receptor

All sequences that don't appear in GPCRDB have been annotated as GPCR or putative GPCR sequences in UniProt. As a reference, the remaining annotated GPCR domains and their cluster ids are listed below:

GI ID Annotation Cluster GI ID
155029529 V1R-like receptor 2 (Pheromone receptor) 155029529
71361647 unnamed protein product 155029529
10190668 Pheromone receptor 155029529
9506747 RecName: Full=Probable G-protein coupled receptor 27;AltName: Full=Super conserved receptor expressed in brain 1; 9506747
226342980 RecName: Full=Probable G-protein coupled receptor 85;AltName: Full=Super conserved receptor expressed in brain 2; 9506747
9507143 RecName: Full=Probable G-protein coupled receptor 173;AltName: Full=Super conserved receptor expressed in brain 3; 9506747
111118994 SubName: Full=Uncharacterized protein; 111118994
4502359 O60242_chr6:69344166-70094378_N503 BRAIN-SPECIFIC ANGIOGENESIS INHIBITOR 3 PRECURSOR 111118994
4502819 RecName: Full=Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M3; 4502819
7108336 RecName: Full=Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M5; 4502819
9951913 Protein A-2 9951913
282403488 RecName: Full=Probable G-protein coupled receptor 153;AltName: Full=G-protein coupled receptor PGR1; 9951913
300934750 RecName: Full=G-protein coupled receptor 124;AltName: Full=Tumor endothelial marker 5;Flags: Precursor; 300934750
144922665 SubName: Full=G protein-coupled receptor 123; 300934750
50355941 SubName: Full=Developmentally regulated G-protein-coupled receptor beta 1; 50355941
57165355 Hypothetical protein KIAA0821 (Seven transmembrane helixDE receptor) 57165355
59823631 RecName: Full=Probable G-protein coupled receptor 125;Flags: Precursor; 59823631
11497612 SubName: Full=Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) B receptor, 1;SubName: Full=Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) B receptor, 1, isoform CRA_h;SubName: Full=cDNA FLJ77697, highly similar to Homo sapiens gamma-a 11497612
238859647 SubName: Full=G protein-coupled receptor 128; 238859647
18677729 RecName: Full=Relaxin receptor 2;AltName: Full=G-protein coupled receptor 106;AltName: Full=G-protein coupled receptor affecting testicular descent;AltName: Full=Leucine-rich repeat-containing G-prote 18677729
4757888 RecName: Full=C3a anaphylatoxin chemotactic receptor;Short=C3AR;Short=C3a-R; 4757888
5031621 RecName: Full=Calcitonin gene-related peptide type 1 receptor;Short=CGRP type 1 receptor;AltName: Full=Calcitonin receptor-like receptor;Flags: Precursor; 5031621
9966839 Q9NQS5_chr12:53042715-53043902_D37 Inflammation-related G protein-coupled receptor EX33 (Orphan GDE protein-coupled receptor 84) 9966839
134244291 SubName: Full=G protein-coupled receptor 37 like 1 (G-protein coupled receptor 37 like 1 variant); 134244291
5803025 G protein-coupled receptor 75 (Hypothetical protein GPR75) 5803025
27777675 RecName: Full=Vomeronasal type-1 receptor 5;AltName: Full=G-protein coupled receptor GPCR26;Short=hGPCR26;AltName: Full=V1r-like receptor 5; 27777675
116063556 SubName: Full=GPR88 protein;Flags: Fragment; 116063556
7657136 Putative G-protein coupled receptor 7657136
284447291 G protein-coupled receptor 148 284447291
171846251 SubName: Full=Duffy blood group;SubName: Full=Duffy blood group, chemokine receptor; 171846251
145309315 SubName: Full=G protein-coupled receptor 62;SubName: Full=G-protein coupled receptor; 145309315
19923975 RecName: Full=Probable G-protein coupled receptor 146;AltName: Full=G-protein coupled receptor PGR8; 19923975
260593650 endothelin-A receptor delta 3-4 [Homo sapiens] 260593650
193083134 RecName: Full=Melanocyte-stimulating hormone receptor;Short=MSH-R;AltName: Full=Melanocortin receptor 1;Short=MC1-R; 193083134
52317225 Uncharacterized protein OR2W5 (Olfactory receptor, family 2, subfamilyW, member 5). 52317225
157151767 SubName: Full=FKSG83 protein;SubName: Full=FKSG83, isoform CRA_a;SubName: Full=FKSG83, isoform CRA_b; 157151767