Current Development

The current target lists from all membrane SG centers are available (see menu-link "Current Target Lists"). The detailed list is searchable, and includes links to the matching human tm domain targets.

Detailed results for modeling coverage are available through the menu-link "TMH Domains". All sequences have also been annotated with a ModBase coverage sketch that also indicates the position of transmembrane helices, and a link to the full ModBase results.

To keep focused on the goal of maximizing the structural coverage of the human TM proteome, while continuing with the current target lists, we are in the process of making structure profiles available for all human TMH domains using all sequences in UniProt up to 25% sequence identity (90% coverage), with links from existing SG targets to these profiles.

Bullet points for the completion of the manuscript:

  1. Add a paragraph about the different types of membrane proteins. Justify why we omit the 1-helix targets and the beta-barrels from this analysis.
  2. Analyse clusters
    Take the biggest cluster, and identify exeptions (non-GPCRs).
  3. Analyse the homologs - Missing: Number of sequences without Bacteria or Archaea homologs.
    • All homologs -> histogram and text
    • Eukaryotic homologs -> histogram and text
    • Prokaryotic homologs -> histogram and text
    • Identify clusters with a significant number of prokaryotic homologs, and highlight.
  4. Add biological information
    • Determine the clusters with GPCRs, describe possible approach
    • Determine clusters with Transporters, describe possible approach
    • Change figure with cluster sizes -> annotate some clusters
  5. Refine manuscript further.