ModPipe Decoys

ModPipe Decoy Dataset

A total of 168,632 comparative models were calculated by our automated comparative modeling protocol MODPIPE for the PDB-select40 list (6,877 sequences as of March 2005). All models shorter than 100 residues or larger than 250 residues were removed from the testing set. This length restriction reduced the set size to 80,593 models for 4,011 different sequences. The RMSD binning of the models in the MODPIPE set shows that ~5% of models are within 1 Å RMSD to the native structure (very good models), ~13% are within 1-3Å RMSD (good models), ~20% are within the RMSD range 3-5Å (acceptable models), and ~62% superimpose to the native structure with an RMSD >5Å (bad models).