Multi-state modeling with SAXS profiles


Useful links

  • FoXS - profile calculation server
  • FoXSDock - protein-protein docking with SAXS profiles
  • BILBOMD - BILBOMD allows you to determine the three-dimensional domain structure of proteins based on conformational sampling using a molecular dynamics (MD) approach. Conformational sampling is followed by structure validation using FoXS and MultiFoXS.
  • IMP - Integrative Modeling Platform for comprehensive structural characterization of biomolecules. MultiFoXS code is found in the kinematics, foxs, and multi_state modules.
  • UCSF Chimera - can be used to fill in missing fragments in your input protein. FoXS is also available through Chimera interactive visualization program. See this tutorial on how to use FoXS from Chimera
  • Bioisis - open access SAXS database, SAXS tutorials
  • EMBL SAXS software
  • SASBDB - Curated repository for small angle scattering data and models

If you use MultiFoXS (version master.6f9b3a6), please cite:
D. Schneidman-Duhovny, M. Hammel, JA. Tainer, and A. Sali. FoXS, FoXSDock and MultiFoXS: Single-state and multi-state structural modeling of proteins and their complexes based on SAXS profiles. NAR 2016 [ FREE Full Text ]