Structure Resources

  • PMP: The Protein Model Portal: Central point of entry to many databases of protein structure models, including MODBASE
  • PDB: Protein Data Bank (Research collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics, Rutgers, SDSC, NIST)
  • NYSGXRC: New York Structural GenomiX Research Consortium
  • CSMP: Center for Structures of Membrane Proteins
  • CATH
  • SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins (MRC, UK)
  • Superfamily: HMM library and genome assignments server

Sequence Resources

  • UniProt: UniProt Database
  • Expasy: Biological Databases: SwissProt, TrEMBL, etc.
  • NCBI:Biological Databases: Genbank, GenPept, Taxonomy, etc.
  • Genome Bioinformatics: UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Site: Genome Browser, Gene Sorter, etc.
  • PIR: Protein Information Resource: PIR-PSD, iProClass, PIR-NREF, etc.
  • PFAM: Protein families database of alignments and HMMs
  • DIP: Database of Interacting Proteins
  • GO: Gene Ontology Consortium
  • GOTermMapper: Generic Gene Ontology (GO) Term Mapper