SaliLab Model Evaluation Server



David Eramian
Min-Yi Shen
Francisco Melo

Ursula Pieper
Ben Webb

Corresponding Author:

Andrej Sali

Version main.b5d43d9

For more information, please consult the following publications: TSVMod: D. Eramian, N. Eswar, M.Y. Shen, A. Sali. How well can the accuracy of comparative protein structure models be predicted? Protein Sci 17, 1881-1893, 2008PDF. DOPE: M.Y. Shen, A. Sali. Statistical potential for assessment and prediction of protein structures. Protein Sci 15, 2507-2524, 2006PDF. GA341: F. Melo, R. Sanchez, A. Sali. Statistical potentials for fold assessment. Protein Sci 11, 430-448, 2002PDF