An automated statistical method to merge SAXS profiles from different concentrations and exposure times


Why does program X fail to read the merged data?
Try using the standardized versions of the output files, available in the results page. The process of standardization only keeps the q, I and err columns (first three columns) of the output files. If there are multiple points at the same q value, they are averaged so that in the standardized output file, each line has a different q value.

Why are the "Input colored merge plots" not shown?
Because your output level (advanced options) is too low. Try increasing it, and the webserver will happily plot the data for you.

Where is the legend for the "Input colored merge plots"?
You will find it in the "Input plots". The colors match.

Why are the "Input plots" not shown?
Because you forgot to tick the box "Output data for parsed input files as well".

How are the profiles rescaled to one another
Internally, the curves are rescaled to the last one, but for the final output, their values are rescaled so that I(0) ~ 100

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