FoXS Dock

Macromolecular Docking with SAXS Profile

SAXS profile


  • IMP - Integrative Modeling Platform for comprehensive structural characterization of biomolecules. FoXS code is found in applications/saxs.
  • PatchDock - an automatic web server for molecular docking.
  • FireDock - an efficient method for refinement and re-scoring of rigid-body protein-protein docking solutions.
  • UCSF Chimera - FoXS is available through Chimera interactive visualization program. See this tutorial on how to use FoXS from Chimera.
  • MES - minimal ensemble search
  • Bioisis - open access SAXS database.
  • EMBL SAXS software

If you use FoXSDock (version main.ec6dbc2), please cite:

Schneidman-Duhovny D, Hammel M, Sali A. Macromolecular docking restrained by a small angle X-ray scattering profile. J Struct Biol. 2010 [ Abstract ]
Schneidman-Duhovny D, Hammel M, Tainer JA, and Sali A. FoXS, FoXSDock and MultiFoXS: Single-state and multi-state structural modeling of proteins and their complexes based on SAXS profiles. NAR 2016 [ FREE Full Text ]