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ModBase: Database of Comparative Protein Structure Models

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MODBASE is no longer under active development, and contains theoretically calculated models, not experimentally determined structures. The models may contain significant errors.

ModBase Dataset Management

ModBase now has two different ways to authenticate, and both are working concurrently. This form manages access to the academic dataset, and ModWeb datasets that have not been submitted by a registered user. For information on accessible datasets for a registered user, please use the link "ModBase Datasets for User: Username" on the top of the page.

Please select your login type:

Academic User (comprehensive mode)
Public User (restricted access)
Individual User (private datasets, including finished ModWeb calculations)

Current Datasets:

About ModBase Dataset Management

ModBase is organized into datasets. The access is restricted using a cookie mechanism. You can accumulate dataset-logins (multiple cookies will be set) to access multiple datasets simultaneously.

The following dataset types are accessible:

  • Academic: The majority of ModBase models, including the comprehensive Dataset of all sequences in SwissProt/TrEMBL that are within modeling distance, available for the academic community.
  • Public: A limited number of datasets, accessible for all.
  • Individual User: Results of ModWeb calculation or special datasets for internal projects.